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  Craft.  With a twist.

Tell you a Story?

We are ordinary people who love extraordinary cocktails. We take the artisanry of cocktail making very seriously, but ourselves...not so much :). OHB Craft Cocktails combines the artful study of mixology, with skills and experience forged in great cocktail programs around the country, and a cocktail enthusiasts’ demand for quality and approachability. We are the kind of people who want a great cocktail in a ballroom, in a boardroom, we would like them on a boat, we would like them with a goat... What we mean to say is that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you should not have to settle for terrible drinks. If you have found yourself reading this, it is likely you feel the same. That is why our goal is to create a great cocktail experience, as close as possible to shoving a master mixologist into a tiny bottle and slapping our logo on it. Unfortunately, our lawyers tell us we can no longer do that to bartenders, so we have landed on the next best thing. Ready to drink spirit driven cocktails, inspired by classics, made from high quality ingredients sourced exclusively in the US from likeminded craftspersons and small batch distillers.
A truly premium craft experience, and all you have to do is twist the cap.

Pour you a Drink?

Spirit forward, all natural, all American, elevated.

World's Best Gimlet

The perfect beverage for just about anything. American gin. 
Excellent balance of lime & sugar. Bright, crisp and classic.

The 1887

A very approachable Manhattan.  Premium rye. Boomerang & Jammy Vermouth, and a hint of orange. Cigar lounge vibes for sure.

The World’s Best Daiquiri

Sweet grassy sugarcane.  The energetic pop of tart lime, soothing brown sugar, and some pretty amazing rum. Fun, vibrant, vacation in a bottle.

The Castaway

Coming Soon


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Meet the Team?


Master of Mixyolestry and Chief Cocktail Captain. With years of industry study and experience, he is the head mad-scientist behind our great cocktail recipes. Jason spends his days researching, sipping, testing, mixing, sipping, napping, and crafting deliciousness for your consumption.


VP of Tastyology. Josh, does stuff. Business-ee stuff, don’t ask questions! He keeps the ship running true and is always willing (some say too willing) to lend his decerning pallet to the taste testing and perfecting of our recipes.


President of Fabulocity, Director of Eligancety, and Executive Flavology Coordinator. Jen keeps the other two in line as best she can, while providing the creative vision behind the bottle in your hand and making tasteful style choices for our next product.

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Skeptic Distillery

Melrose Park, IL

Thrasher's Rum

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Copper Fox Rye

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BroVo Spirits

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